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The Enemy Is Destroyed, When We Begin To Praise the Lord!

God spoke through my dad for the phrase for the blog. It is easy to praise God and tell Him how good He is when things are going good. It takes faith to praise God when all hell is breaking loose around you. David said in Psalm 116:7: I will offer to thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving, and will call upon the name of the LORD. Hebrews 13:15:Through Him, therefore, let us at all times offer up to God a sacrifice of praise, which is the fruit of lips that thankfully acknowledge and confess and glorify His name.

Before you go into battle, send praise like Jehoshaphat did in 2 Chronicles 20. Begin praising and thanking God because the victory is already won. Psalm 68:1 says let God arise and the enemies be scattered. That is what happened when Jehoshaphat and the people praised the Lord. It confused the enemy and they were destroyed.

Paul and Silas in Acts 16:16-40 They sang praises to God while chained in prison. The prison doors opened, their chains were broken, and they were set free.

When challenges arise, let praise rise higher. Do like Joshua and the people at the battle of Jericho. They shouted and blew the trumpet. They shouted and the walls came down. Shout, for the Lord has given you the victory! God always causes us to triumph through Him. Watch praise destroy the enemy of depression, addictions, strongholds, disease, debt, and everything that is an enemy to God.

The enemy is destroyed when we praise the Lord!

Prayer: I give glory to your name for you are good and your mercy endures forever. God, let your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I bring heaven to earth by lifting up praises, not my problems. God, I repent for complaining and allowing the enemy to defeat me. I thank you for the victory won on the cross. It is finished! Salvation is here! Healing is here! Deliverance is here! In Jesus name! Amen.

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Prayer Outline to Reach the Divine

A lot of us have said the Lord’s prayer many times. The disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray. Jesus was giving the disciplines an example of how to pray effectively.

Matthew 6:9 NIV: “This, then, is how you should pray: “Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name

Hallow means to honor, worship reverence and praise God. Psalm 100:4 says, Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.

Matthew 6:10 NIV: 10 Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Jesus said not my will but your will be done. The word of God is His will to bring heaven to earth.

Matthew 6:11 NIV: 11 Give us today our daily bread.

Lord, what are you saying to me today? Wait for God to speak to you. God also speaks through His word. Get you a scripture to meditate on and allow the word to speak to you. The word is God.

Matthew 6:12 NIV: And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.

Lord, forgive me for the things I have done that I am aware of and unaware of. God, any wrongs done to me, I forgive them. God, help me to forgive others so I can hear you properly and my prayers will go through to you. God, any sin in my life that is blocking my prayers, show them to me. Any unforgiveness in my heart toward someone, God show it to me.

Matthew 6:13 King James Version: 13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

Ask God to help you in areas that you are weak in. Ask God to keep you from evil and protect you. End your prayer in thanksgiving to God.

Prayer outline to connect to the divine!

Prayer: Lord, I thank you for being “I AM” and the creator. Lord, I operate according to your word. God, you lead and guide me. It is not my will, but your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. God, I repent of my sins and forgive others who have sinned against me. God, help me in areas that I am weak and fall short. I can’t do life without you in the center of it. God, protect me from evil and myself. God, I give you the praise in Jesus name! Amen.

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Avoid Stressing. Speak The Blessing!

A lot of things are going on in the world right now: with Ukraine and Russia at war and the pandemic still affecting us. Things seem hopeless. However, for the people of God, we have hope. Because we accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, we know we will live forever with God.

A quote one of my team leaders used for black history month by Coretta Scott King stood out to me: ” It doesn’t matter how strong your opinions are. If you don’t use your power for positive change, you are, indeed, part of the problem.” That phrase has resonated with me and made me search within myself. We as believers can complain about what is happening in the world, but if we won’t be the light or do something about it, we are part of the problem. We are made in the image and likeness of God, and He spoke the world into existence. We as believers can start speaking what God says to transform situations and things around us.

If we have bad fruit in most cases, we must ask ourselves what are we saying? I also learned when we speak the word of God, we should speak by faith. Not out of desperation, because faith along with action produces fruit.

Proverbs 18:20 NIV: From the fruit of their mouth a person’s stomach is filled; with the harvest of their lips, they are satisfied.

It is important that we hear, meditate, and read the word of God so it can get into our hearts. Luke 6:45 NIV: A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

Genesis 1:28 King James Version says: And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

One way to be fruitful is what we say out of our mouth. We are the seed of Abraham. We call things that be not as though they were. It is easy when you are tried with challenge after challenge to think and speak negative. There is a song that says, “You say it best when you say nothing at all.” Sometimes to keep from speaking negative, it is best to be quiet and go to God about it. Check out the blogs (click title to open links) “Put your Mouth to Rest During A Test” and “When Going Through Hell Say All Is Well”

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Prayer: Lord, thank you for your word which is quick, powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, and can transform any situation. God, I repent for speaking against the word of God and letting challenges get the best of me. I hear, meditate, read and speak your word every day to bring light in dark situations. God, you are a present help in trouble and that present help is your word. The word is God and it all started in the beginning. I see God through His word in every aspect of my life. I am fruitful, I multiply, replenish, and subdue the earth and take dominion with my words. I speak and bear good fruit. I give you the praise for it in Jesus’ name!

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Make God Your One And Only. You Will Never Be Lonely

Everyone goes through a time in their lives where they feel alone and in it by themselves. It could be coming out of a bad relationship and being single. It could be trouble in a marriage where you feel alone. It could be challenges where you work or starting a new career/business where you feel out of place. It could be facing health issues or taking care of a loved one with health issues. It could be issues with family and friends. It could be facing the passing of loved ones. It can make anyone feel alone. God is with us through those situations if we turn our attention towards Him. He can bring us through any situation.
Hebrews 13:5 God says, “I will never leave you or forsake you.”
Matthew 28:20 Living Translation: Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you; and be sure of this—that I am with you always, even to the end of the world.”
Psalm 23:4 NIV Version: Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.
It is good to know that we are not alone. However, we must spend time with God. He is the best person you can ever get into a relationship with.
James 4:8: Come near to God and he will come near to you.
Jesus knows what we are going through. Draw close to Him and fellowship with Him. God knows the beginning and the ending of everything that you are going through.
In the book of Genesis starting at Chapter 37, Joseph went through a lot. However, if you read through the verses it said, “But God was with Him.” Joseph kept the love of God and focused on God through being sold into slavery by his brothers, Potiphar’s wife trying to sleep with him, Potiphar’s wife lying on Joseph and being put in prison, and Joseph being forgotten by one of the prisoners when he got out after he helped him. Joseph held onto operating in his gift and staying close to God. He went from being a slave to being free. He ended up ruling when he used to work under Potiphar. Joseph even got married and had children. God can do the same for us.
Those that are not saved receive Him now. Read Romans 10:9-10.
Some of us have a longing to be married, to have a better marriage, business, financial stability, a child, better health, and the list goes on. God can fulfill you if you spend time with Him.
Psalm 107:9 King James Version: For he satisfieth the longing soul, and filleth the hungry soul with goodness.
Proverbs 8:17 says You will find me if you seek me early.
The times we get up early is the time to fellowship with God. It is quiet and you can hear Him. Sit quietly before speaking so He can speak to you. Read the word of God because the word is God. John 1:1 says In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
The following are two examples in the bible where the people were by themselves but were not alone and were complete.
Adam, starting in Genesis Chapter 2, was in charge over the Garden of Eden by himself. He was fellowshipping with God and operating in His purpose before God gave Him Eve. God told him in Genesis 2:18 NIV Version: The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”
Those of you who desire to be married, begin fellowshipping with God in the morning. Talk to Him and He will reveal His purpose to you. As you are focused on your purpose and fellowshipping with God, He will send someone for you not just godly with good character or good chemistry, but someone that is suitable for the purpose and call you have for your life. The definition of suitable is right or appropriate for a particular person, purpose, or situation. I can attest to this. Me spending time with God is how this blog came about and He is constantly revealing other things to me. I am like Adam fellowshipping with God and operating in my purpose to encourage people. God has the person for us that is appropriate for His glory and His will on the earth.
My Aunt Mary reminded me of John who was another person who was exiled to the Island of Patmos in Revelation 1:9 because of serving God. While he was there, he fellowshipped with God. God revealed things to him and that is how the book of Revelation came about. During Covid 19, you may feel alone but you are not. God is with you. Get close to Him. He will reveal Himself to you.
Make God your one and only. You will never be lonely!

Prayer: Lord, I thank you that you never leave me or forsake me. I thank you God that no matter what situation I face I am not alone. As I draw near to you, you will draw close to me and fellowship with me. You know the beginning and the ending. You are The Way, The Truth, and The Light in every situation. I hold onto you through challenging situations and when things are going well. I give you the praise and the glory. In Jesus name! Amen.
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Real Faith and Hope Will Not Fold or Choke

You heard the saying “Well, I hope this works” or “I am hoping and praying”. The
natural type of hope is just wishing and maybe something will come through.
However, true hope is the God kind of hope. Those who put their trust in
the Lord will not be put to shame (Romans 10:11), The God kind of hope will not
let you be
ashamed (Romans 5:5).

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and being certain of what we
do not see (Hebrews 11:1).

Romans 4 is dealing with Abraham trusting in God (please read and meditate
on the whole chapter). God gave Abraham a promise that he would be the father
of many nations and that he will have a child. Because Abraham believed God, it
was counted to him as righteousness. He believed before it manifested. Because
he believed, as an act of faith, he was circumcised. Abraham did not grow weak
in faith but gave glory to God. He did not even consider his age or
circumstance. He was so focused on God that he was fully persuaded that God
will do what he promised. That is real faith and hope!

I was reading a book by a pastor dealing with faith. He said he was
believing God for finances. He was making his confessions and thanking God. It
was getting close to the deadline, and he still needed the money. He kept
making his bible confessions, but he said it was not out of faith, it was out of
desperation. God told him to be quiet because he was not quoting the scriptures
out of faith. He said God told him “Let me do it for you”. As he got quiet, he
heard God tell him: “One word from me will change your life.” A
calmness came over him and he was fully persuaded God would provide for him.
God did just that.

There have been times I really thought I was in faith, and it was just me
quoting scriptures out of desperation. Once I got quiet, God told me “Stand
still and see the salvation of God that he will show to you today (Exodus 14:13).” That
one word from God gave me the assurance that God had me and was going before

Mornings are great for hearing the voice of God because everything is quiet with no distractions. You will find me if you seek me early (Proverbs 8:17) There is something about the mornings; wisdom comes to you.

John 2:1-12’s passage dealt with the miracle at the wedding with Jesus turning
water to wine. I noticed a few things. When Jesus’ mother said there was no
more wine, Jesus told her it was not time yet. This scripture came to me: Through
faith and patience we inherit the promises of God (Hebrews 6:12).
said in John 2:5, “Whatever he says to you do it.” This scripture also came to me: “If you are willing and obedient you will eat the good of the land” (Isaiah 1:19). Jesus told Mary to use the jars with water. The water turned to wine.

As believers, we can have true hope in God’s word. God’s word is true and
sure. As we read the word and meditate, it will get into our heart. The word of
God will give us the peace we need as we rest in God’s finished work. Faith
will flow out of our hearts when the pressure comes, and it will not be out of
desperation. Proverbs 24:10 Message Translation: 10 If
you fall to pieces in a crisis, there wasn’t much to you in the first

Real faith and hope will not fold or choke!

Prayer: God, in you I have true hope because all your promises are
“yes” and “amen”. God, I repent for quoting scriptures out of
desperation and fear. I choose to mediate and labor in the word of God until I
am fully persuaded that you will come through for me. I rest in your finished
work. I stand still and see your salvation. I seek you early in the morning
because that is where I find wisdom and instruction for every situation. I give
you the glory and praise. In Jesus name! Amen.

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God is Divine. He Knows The Right Time!

Most of you all have heard of the saying “He may not come when you want Him, but God is right on time.” I think about cooking. In order for the food to be perfect, it has to be brought out at the right time. We can write a date on the calendar of when we want to achieve goals, just like doctors give expecting mothers due dates. However, anything can change and that will alter the date. However, we have an all knowing God who is the first and the last, the beginning and the end.

Acts 1:6-7 New Living Translation:So when the apostles were with Jesus, they kept asking him, “Lord, has the time come for you to free Israel and restore our kingdom?”He replied, “The Father alone has the authority to set those dates and times, and they are not for you to know.

We all in certain times in our lives (including me}, have asked God when. Sometimes God will give you a time. When God gives you a time, you have to move. However, there are times God wants to develop and mature us so we can be ready to handle the next level. Faith, patience, and trusting in God is tried.

Hebrews 6:12 Amplified Version: so that you will not be [spiritually] sluggish, but [will instead be] imitators of those who through faith [lean on God with absolute trust and confidence in Him and in His power] and by patient endurance [even when suffering] are [now] inheriting the promises.

We are the seed of Abraham and he is our spiritual father. Abraham trusted God during the wait.

Romans 4:19-20 New Living Translation: 19 And Abraham’s faith did not weaken, even though, at about 100 years of age, he figured his body was as good as dead—and so was Sarah’s womb.20 Abraham never wavered in believing God’s promise. In fact, his faith grew stronger, and in this he brought glory to God. 21 He was fully convinced that God is able to do whatever he promises.

All God wants us to do is trust Him because it is already done. While we are waiting, we must continue to stay diligent in the word so our faith will be strong. Give God thanks and watch what you are believing for manifest.

God is divine. He knows the right time!

Prayer: Lord, thank you for your mercy endures forever. God, you are the first and the last. You are the beginning and the end. God, thank you for being all knowing. God, I put my times in your hands. I am anxious for nothing. By prayer with thanksgiving I make my requests to you God. I rest in your finished work. I trust your time. I am diligent in your word as I wait, which gives me the strength to go through. I give you the praise. I have the victory through you, In Jesus name! Amen.

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When You Don’t Understand, Trust God’s Plan

Life can take you through a maze with twists and turns. Things can be going well and suddenly something happens that changes the course of your life. Certain things that happen to you in life that you can’t explain. It is at that moment when you hold onto God and trust Him to see you through.

Isaiah 29:11 says: 11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Job is a great example of things happening that you can’t explain. Job was described as an upright man, who feared God and stayed away from evil. A series of things happened to him that he did not understand (sickness, children dying, losing all he had). However, in Job 1:22 it says Job did not sin or blame God.

Job searched himself to see if he did something wrong. Job 6;24 Easy Read Version: “So now, teach me, and I will be quiet. Show me what I have done wrong.

Even though Job did not understand, he still magnified God. Job:1:21 Amplified Version: He said, “Naked (without possessions) I came [into this world] from my mother’s womb, And naked I will return there. The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; Blessed be the name of the LORD.”

Through it all, Job still held onto God and trusted Him. Job 13:15 King James Version: 15 Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him.

Because Job held onto God, he got double for his trouble.

When you don’t understand, trust God’s plan!

Prayer: Lord, thank for being the God who is touched with everything I go through. You sent your Son Jesus to go through it for me. I hold onto you. I praise you even in the midst of situations I can’t understand, God, if there is anything that is in me that I need to correct, show me. Through it all I trust you. I know the plans you have for me. Plans to prosper me not harm me, to give me a hope and a future. I know you are the Alpha, Omega, The Beginning and the End. You are the God of restoration. You are the God that gives double for my trouble. I give you the praise and the honor. In Jesus name! Amen.

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Receive God’s Best, When You Conquer The Flesh

Most athletes, people who are in shape/fit, and successful business people have to do things that goes past their feelings/flesh to reach their highest potential. We have to do the same when it comes to our relationship with God in order to receive the best that God has for us.

I was led to Revelation Chapter 2 & 3 which describes several churches and the phrase for the blog came to me. Each church started out great, but most of the churches fell away from God. The church in Ephesus left their first love for Jesus. The church in Pergamum turned to false teachings and idols. The church in Thyatira allowed Jezebel, who called herself a prophetess, to mislead people to commit immoral/sexual acts and eat food sacrificed to idols. The church in Sardis was not committed to God. The church in Laodicea were lukewarm: neither hot or cold.

We all can identify with these churches as believers. A lot of us have done those things in our own lives. However, God is merciful in that if we repent, God can restore us and give us the best. We can be like the church in Philadelphia that remained faithful and God opened doors that no one could shut. God promised them that he would keep them safe in the time of trial because of their endurance and faithfulness. The church in Smyrna endured persecution but the angel told them to not to be afraid but to be faithful until the end. If they die in faith, they would receive the crown of life in eternity with God.

James 1:12 Living Translations says: 12 Happy is the man who doesn’t give in and do wrong when he is tempted, for afterwards he will get as his reward the crown of life that God has promised those who love him.

It is a great reward in putting under our flesh & feelings. Remember, the only way we can do it is with the help of God and through washing ourselves with the word of God.

My body gets up early in the morning. I know God is waking me up to fellowship with Him. This week, for a couple of days, I yielded to my flesh and laid back down. I repented to God and it came to me what Jesus said to His disciples: can you stay up with me for just one hour?(Matthew 26:40) However, I was determined to overcome my flesh. I sat up and turned the light on so I could stay awake to see what God had to say to me. Because I pressed through under trial, God gave me the blog and spoke to me.

Refuse to settle for less than God’s best. Repent and ask God to help you conquer your flesh and evil desires. It is well worth it.

Receive God’s best when you conquer the flesh!

Prayer: Jesus, I thank you for suffering on the cross for me. Because of your sacrifice I have eternal life. God, I have the power on the inside of me to endure my flesh and evil desires with your help and the Holy Spirit living in me. I endure to the end and receive the prize. I give you the glory. In Jesus name. Amen!

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Don’t even Try. Only God Can Satisfy!

The phrase came to me as God led me to Isaiah 55. We all have tried to do things to satisfy ourselves. However, natural things bring temporary satisfaction. A lot of us try to make things happen on our own and it backfires. We end up hurt, worn out, frustrated, anxious, fearful, feeling lonely, and making terrible decisions to satisfy only what God can. Read the whole chapter of Isaiah 55.

Psalm 107:9 King James Version says: For he satisfieth the longing soul, and filleth the hungry soul with goodness.

You can come to God if you are thirsty and in need. Webster’s definition thirst: Dry. A desire or need to crave intense with urgency. To long, yearn.

Isaiah 55:1-3: Amplified Version : “Everyone who thirsts, come to the waters;
And you who have no money come, buy grain and eat .Come, buy wine and milk Without money and without cost [simply accept it as a gift from God].“Why do you spend money for that which is not bread, And your earnings for what does not satisfy? Listen carefully to Me, and eat what is good, And let your soul delight in abundance.“Incline your ear [to listen] and come to Me; Hear, so that your soul may live; And I will make an everlasting covenant with you, According to the faithful mercies [promised and] shown to David.

The creator knows what we need because he created us. All we have to do is go to the manufacturer He can fix any situation that is concerning us.

Isaiah 55: 8-11 Amplified Version “For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
Nor are your ways My ways,” declares the Lord.“For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways And My thoughts higher than your thoughts.10 “For as the rain and snow come down from heaven, And do not return there without watering the earth, Making it bear and sprout, And providing seed to the Sower and bread to the eater,11 So will My word be which goes out of My mouth; It will not return to Me void (useless, without result),Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.

Just this week alone God took care of my need. He is my provider. We don’t need anything to come to God because He is all we need.

Don’t even try. Only God can satisfy!

Prayer: Lord thank you for being everything I need. Thank you for creating me. I repent for not coming to you and doing things on my own. Only you can satisfy my longing soul. God I come ready to hear what you have to say because you are the all knowing. You only want what is best for me even when I don’t understand. You know the plan you have for me. Plans to prosper me not to harm me, to give me hope and a future. I come ready to receive. In Jesus name. Amen