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The Pain Grew To Birth Out Something New!

Our painful situations that we are going through can make it difficult for some of us to see the bright side. Even if it is something that we brought on ourselves, when we repent, God can restore us better than before. A baby’s irritated gums is a sign new teeth are coming in. The pain of a woman giving birth is a new child coming into the world. God can carry us through the painful situations for his glory. It can be shameful, hurtful, humiliating, and dark, but God can carry us through as believers when we trust and give it over to him.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a prime example of dealing with a painful situation while trusting in God in Matthew 1. Mary was carrying a child that would be the Savior of the world. It had to be a challenge for people to think she was carrying a child out of wedlock when it was supernaturally done by God. Joseph, who was promised to marry Mary, wanted to put her away quietly because of her carrying a child, when he was not intimate with her. An angel of the Lord came to Joseph in a dream to let him know that Mary’s pregnancy was from God. Mary had to deal with a lot of pain up until the time she gave birth. However, she gave birth to Jesus, the Savior of the world. The pain was necessary for the glory of God and the salvation which is available to all who believe.

David went through pain after he took someone’s wife, got her pregnant, and had her husband killed. Prophet Nathan in 2 Samuel 12 exposed David through a story. David repented and said he has sinned against God. Even though he repented and fasted, the child he had with Bathsheba died within seven days. David got up, cleaned himself up, and worshipped God. He conceived another child with Bathsheba and they named him Solomon meaning “The Lord loved him.” Solomon was the richest and wisest king to rule.

Personal testimony: When I was on a work assignment, I prayed to God for a way of escape. However, it was not what I had imagined. I was asked to reapply for my position, which I was comfortable with, because I did not like being on the phone. I didn’t want to be in that position either with the changes that were going on. I reapplied for the position and interviewed, but I did not get the position. I had to go back to where I started, taking calls. It was humbling, painful, and I cried. I was angry, but like David I got up. I started doing my work unto the Lord. A supervisor approached me and asked me did I want to be on a specialty team. I knew that was my way of escape. I accepted the position and after a year or two, I got a huge raise. The pain that I went through birthed out the blog in 2018. People that read my blog stated I should get merchandise with the phrases from the blog. The online store was birthed out. God is taking me from faith to faith glory to glory.

Jesus went through the ultimate pain and humiliation. He bore all of our pain and sin for no fault of his own. Because of his suffering, we now are redeemed from sin and have eternal life when we believe on Him. We can sin and reap the consequences of our sin. But, when we repent God can turn our mistakes into miracles and a testimony of His goodness.

Prayer: God, thank you for your new mercies every morning. Situations in my life seems to be getting worse. God, I ask you to help me trust and hold onto you to get me to the other side. I repent for things I have done and I am reaping the consequences of it. I thank you for restoration and making all things new in my life for your glory. In Jesus name, Amen!

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