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Being In God’s Presence Changes Your Whole Essence

Essence Webster’s meaning: the quality and nature of a person or thing.

Last Sunday’s blog was about setting our affection towards things of God because it is eternal. Everything we need is in the presence of God. Are you tired of dealing with the same temptations? Are you tired of going through the motions? Do you want things to change in your life for the better? Spending time in the presence of God (worshiping, praising, meditating the word of God, and being silent). is the answer. It changes the quality and nature of our whole being.

Friday morning God led me to Psalm 16. David was saying how he could do nothing without God, how he found refuge in God. David said God was his portion that he found security in God. He exalted God for instructing him in the night. My favorite part when David said in your presence is fullness of joy and pleasures. Who would not want to spend time with someone like that?

In life we know evil can rub off on you easily than good does (1 Corinthians 15:33). Whoever/Whatever you spend time with the more you become like. Spending time in the presence of God removes off anything that is not good.

I learned from Psalm 16 that in the presence of God is safety. We develop His qualities/benefit. We develop His desire putting away idols. God gives counsel even while we are sleeping. When trouble comes, it does not move you. You are at peace. You rejoice and hope in God. Finally, in His presence is fullness of joy and pleasures.

Being in God’s Presence, Changes Your whole Essence.

Prayer: God I glorify you because you are great. God, I stay in your presence daily because I have everything, I need in You. Nothing else can satisfy me like you can because it is everlasting. God, I repent for not spending enough time with you and allowing things that are temporary get more of my attention. I choose to continue to spend time with you because it transforms everything around me for my good. I let God’s desire take me higher! I thank you in advance. In Jesus name, Amen.

2 thoughts on “Being In God’s Presence Changes Your Whole Essence

  1. Glory Hallelujah!!! I love this message! It reminds me of my hearts stance right now as I’ve gotten tired of me and my ways. I love the part when you said “Whoever/Whatever you spend time with the more, you become like”

    In God’s presence is a fullness of joy, pleasures and my hearts pursuit! Oh what an essence!

  2. Glory Be to God! Staying the presence of God. I need it!

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