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God Will Show You How, Your Time is Now!

Jesus said it is finished when He sacrificed His life. Everything is already done. The Bible is like a use and care manual: it shows you how to navigate life. Like a use and care manual, everything is not written in it. The product manufacturer will have insight that is not in the manual. The same is with the Bible. As we meditate the God’s word, God (the manufacturer), will show us how to obtain everything in it.

2 Corinthians 6:2 says: Now is the time now is the day of salvation!

Hebrews 11:1 says: Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

How are you speaking with your words? Most people who have been to school or teach know about past, present, and future tense. If we speak about things in the past and continue to speak about it, it will keep us in the past, and we cannot move forward. For example, if we are saying, “I am going to get myself together one day” or “One day I will have this house,” it will stay there in the future. However, when you say I am a homeowner, an entrepreneur, good health, etc., it brings the future to the present, which is Now!

When walking by faith, faith is in the present tense. We are the seed of Abraham as believers. If you do not know Jesus, receive Him now; Romans10:9-10 will lead you to salvation. God gave Abraham a promise (Genesis 17:5) that He would be the father of many nations. He kept saying in the present tense, “I am the father of many nations.” He spoke of his future in the present tense to bring it to the now.

As we meditate on God’s word day and night & continue speaking the word of God in the present tense because it is already done, God will give us what to do. James 1:5 NIV: says If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.

God will show you how your time is now!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I thank you for the word you left me to lead and guide me through life. Lord, I come to you for wisdom on anything I don’t understand in your comment because you are my creator, all-knowing. God, you left us an example, Jesus. You left the Holy Spirit within me to lead and guide me. I repent for unbelief, disobedience, and the words I have spoken that were not in line with your character. God, I ask you to put a check on my spirit when I am out of line. My time is now. I speak about what has already been done in the present to bring it to the now. Thank you in advance for the answer and the wisdom to obtain everything you have for me. I am the head, not the tail. I am the lender, not the borrower. I am prospering in every area of my life because my soul prospers. I am redeemed from the curse, and whatever I do succeeds with your help, God. I give you praise in Jesus’ name!

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  1. Great wisdom and teaching Sharon! I love how you said when we speak on things in the past it keeps us in the past, when we speak on things in the future tense it stays in the future. But oh Hallelujah and Glory to God for the present tense! We are prosperous in all we do and touch! We are entrepreneurs! We are the lenders and not the borrowers! We are wealthy! We are in good health!

    Thank you so much for this inspiration! It blessed my heart. Now May God continue to return and pour back into you all that you have shared and blessed others with one hundred fold

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