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To Digest, Start With Less

My dad would tell me to put a small amount on my plate when I was eating, and if I wanted some more, I could get it. There have been times when I loaded my plate with too much food and could not eat it all. My dad calls it “letting my eyes overload my gut.” I ended up throwing it away.

God has been dealing with me by meditating on a few scripture passages; once I am done with that, I will be ready for more. Sometimes we can believe in God for a lot of things. But, we jump from one thing to the next and get nowhere because we have too much on our spiritual plate. Just like the food that ends up going to waste, our spiritual food is wasted.

God gave me two passages of scripture to meditate on. As I started meditating throughout the day, God gave me instructions concerning my situation. It went from a written word to a Rhema word (a spoken word) that was specific for me. I rejoiced in my spirit and put it into action. God then gave me another word once I obeyed the first instruction. God is directing me every step of the way.

John 8:31 King James Version: 31 Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, if ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples; indeed,32 And ye shall know the truth, and the fact shall make you accessible.

The key is continuing in the word until you get the manifestation. We have to stay committed to getting it! (click link to check out the blog 7/29/2018 Stay Committed, To Get It) I have read the word a few times, but it took time before the revelation came. Sometimes it can be an instant revelation because you are at a level where you can digest it easily. Just like certain foods digest without issues, some may not digest as easily. It may take several hours before we can digest it. But once we wait, we are ready to eat more food.

To digest, start with less!

PrayerThank you, Lord, for your wisdom. It surpasses man’s wisdom. I get excited about your word because it has so many good things. I am now learning to stick with a little of your word at a time until revelation and change come. I repent for not being diligent in your word. I thank you now that I continue in your word, which sets me free in every area of my life. In Jesus’ name! Amen.

2 thoughts on “To Digest, Start With Less

  1. What an awesome word! This really touched my heart with both conviction and encouragement because I have most definitely been there before in meditating on a scripture before it came to pass. I’ve been going through a lot personally and spiritually in ways where I was trying to ingest more than I could digest. Thank you so much for sharing this wisdom and your truth

    1. Glory to God! Thanks for your comment and support.

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