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Put Your Mouth To Rest During A Test


We all took tests before, mostly when we were in school. We had to study for the test ahead of time before taking it. When test time came, the teacher handed the students the test and most importantly we had to be silent during the test. The same thing applies to the many tests we face in life. Until our test is completed, we are applying the answers from the word of God to reach where God wants us to be. The word of God says be ready.

I am reminded about the battle of Jericho In Joshua 6. God instructed Joshua to march around the wall 7 seven times and on day 7 to shout. Joshua instructed everyone not to shout until they have marched around the wall seven times, and then shout. They did as instruct, and the walls fell.

When we are going through a difficult time it is good to be silent until God gives us what to do. It is the time to spend with God to see what he has to say.

How do we prepare for tests in life?  Jesus left us an example to follow in his footsteps.

In Matthew 4 Jesus was led in the wilderness to be tested. Jesus prepared for the test through fasting.

In my experience, fasting can prepare anyone for anything that comes. We can do the Daniel fast for 21 days with just fruit, vegetables and water. We can fast for 3 days like Esther. You can fast a half of a day or 24 hours to prepare for whatever test comes.

Just like a teacher can come up with a test that you were not expecting, life can throw you tests that you didn’t see coming.

The time that we would normally spend on social media, television, or whatever we love to do; we should spend that time listening/studying the word of God, being silent to hear what God is saying, and praise/worship.

When the test came Jesus was ready. The devil came at Jesus at His weakest time, but Jesus spoke the word of God. The devil did not let up, he came at Jesus several times, but Jesus kept saying “it is written” and ran the devil off.

The bible says that God’s word is powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword. Now that is powerful!

Until we receive a word from God just keep thanking Him for what you are believing for.

Put your mouth to rest during a test.

Prayer: God I thank you for being all knowing and the creator of the universe. God, I know you are with me during every test. I prepare for the test through prayer and fasting. I repent for saying things that is not in line with the word of God. I keep silent during the test until my victory has manifested. in my quietness is my strength. I speak the word only when the enemy throws temptations and attacks my way and run the devil off.  I thank you Lord. In Jesus name! Amen.


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